Top UX Trends In 2020 That Are Redefining The Web Experience 

Top UX Trends In 2020 That Are Redefining The Web Experience 

In this digital era, an online presence of your business can land you to the ocean of opportunities. A website is a cohesive unit of various components and features, where UI/UX is one of the most important parts of it. In the absence of a good UI/UX design, no website can survive on the internet as no one wants to visit a website that has an awful design and confusing structure. You can drive more visitors to your site by making it more user-friendly and enhancing the user experience. In order to provide higher satisfaction to the users, you must ensure that your site’s UX is relevant, simple and user-friendly. Your site’s usability and simplicity determine its effectiveness. 

For the past few years, there has been a great shift in the ways the UI/UX of a website are designed. Several new and innovative concepts have been introduced to fine-tune the website UI/UX according to the needs of modern users. Some of those trends in the realm of UX design are mentioned in this post, you can check these trends and make the effective use of these changes to improve your website’s user experience. 


Delivering personalized content on your site is one of the best ways to enhance the overall user experience of your site. Wooing every user with a generic UX is no more effective as the users have raised the bar of their expectations. They look for the content that is relevant to them and specific to their interests. This is the reason that companies hire UI/UX designers to build the right websites with perfect UX design that make your website engaging and delightful. By offering personalized content and design, you can deliver a personal experience to the users that will make your site valuable.  

Responsive web design

In the past, developers had to create different versions of websites to ensure that they will appear uniform on every device. We have different types of devices that we use today like desktop computers, tablets, and mobile phones that have different screen sizes. In order to support your site on different devices with perfect content alignment, you need to opt for responsive web design. With this, your site renders its content in a flexible and appropriate manner based on the device or operating system it is loaded to. Your end-users get the flexibility to access your site from devices with different screen resolutions. There are different techniques like fluid grids, media queries, fluid images and more to build a responsive website.   Minimalist design

Today, the users prefer websites with a clean, edgy and simple website design that allows them to focus on the important things. No user wants to get distracted with unnecessary clutter of content on a website. When there is already a lot of information present around, a user seeks to the point information. A website stuffed with a lot of content which is not important for the users to distract them and put them off. 

Sticky elements

Sticky elements stick to the web page and don’t move from their position even if the page is scrolled. Due to this, the users can see any important information all the time when they are on the web page. In modern websites, we see sticky elements like the sticky navigation bar, sticky footer, etc, sticky social sharing buttons, etc that stays on their position no matter if you scroll the web page. 

AR/VR technology

Augmented reality and virtual reality are two remarkable technologies that are shaping the new world of the internet. With the help of these technologies, websites become more engaging and effective. Augmented reality includes experiencing virtual objects in real-world like the Pokemon Go game, and the virtual reality disconnects you from the real world and takes you to a virtual world which seems real like in VR boxes. Using these technologies, web developers can build high-end websites with sky-level experience. 


The use of chatbots on websites allow the end-users to get instant help and support from your team which provides a pleasing user experience. Chatbots are quite useful for assisting your existing clients as well as provide help and answers to queries of your website visitors. 

Single Page Design

For users with little time to browse and look into your site, brief single page design is good to say a lot. One of the big advantages of this type of websites is that it loads very quickly. Plus, the brevity of such a website makes it possible to attract the users’ attentions. 

Card layout

The card layout is a good way to depict content on your website. It brings brevity on your site and makes content more structured and uncluttered. Besides this, it adds an appealing look to your site. It is useful for providing a wider perspective of information on a single page, which is accessible to the users at their fingertips.  

More gradients

Gradients or color transitions make your site more exciting and appealing. In gradients, one or more colors get blended gradually and they are one of the top trending things in UX design. Today, you can find some sort of gradients in most websites. By using gradients on your site, you can enhance the look and feel of your site and provide pleasing user experience to the end-users. 

Wrapping up!

A website represents the business on the internet, so it must be compelling enough to attract more and more visitors. There are different components that a website is made up of and UI/UX is a vital part of it. Without a good UI/UX, a website is not effective as users won’t like to visit such a site. You must enhance your website’s UX by using the UX trends in 2019. You can choose the best web development company to build an innovative UX for your website and make it attractive. With a compelling UX, you will be able to attract more visitors on your site. 

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