10 Easy to Use Vue Material Templates To Build Powerful Web Apps in 2020 

10 Easy to Use Vue Material Templates To Build Powerful Web Apps in 2020 

Vue, which initially began as a small project has become considerably popular among the developer community now. Developers who have used Vue and the ones who will use it again was estimated to be around 29 percent in 2018. Vue JavaScript framework also managed to secure a user satisfaction rating of 91 percent.

The above-mentioned stats has urged several developers to choose the Vue framework when working on complex web development projects. Working with Vue may seem quite hard for first timers. This is why we recommend you to use Vue or Vue material admin templates. Here are ten stunning Vue Material Design templates you can use for your next project. 


Vuely is a stunning Vue Material Design framework featuring a clean, unique, and eye-catchy design along with a striking color scheme. 

  • Multiple number of dashboards
  • More than 200 UI elements
  • Over 78 Custom widgets
  • Advanced Theme Options panel
  • Beautiful Dark layout 

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Ubold is an admin and dashboard template that comes with multiple number of demo layouts.

  • Dark and light versions
  • Unlimited number of layouts
  • More than 6 menu styles
  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • More than 6200 Font Icons

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Material Design

Material Design is an easy to use and super flexible material template that can be used for different web development projects.

  • 12 Attractive color schemes
  • More than 15 essential components
  • 20+ Js plugins
  • Well-designed Profile and Contact pages
  • Multiple Homepage styles 

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Vue Material Dashboard Pro

The Material Vue admin template, Vue Material Dashboard Pro offers a huge collection of elements, components, and more to users. 

  • 200 Essential Elements
  • More than 25 Example Pages
  • 15 Plugins
  • Can be customized easily
  • Responsive design and user-friendly interface 

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Vue Material Kit Pro

Vue Material Kit Pro is the best option available to users who are looking for a modern, feature-rich, and easy to use template. 

 More than 5 plugins

  • 100 Handy Elements
  • More than 10 Example Pages
  • Fully responsive
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers

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CleanUI Vue Pro

CleanUI Vue Pro is a well-designed Vue template that simplifies the process of web app developments.

  • More than 80 UI features
  • Over 50 Pages
  • 70+ Useful components
  • Multiple Icon Packs
  • Dark and light templates 

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Designed based on the UIKit 3 framework, Scutum is a stunning template that offers unlimited possibilities. 

  • 5+ Custom Pages
  • 10+ Custom Components
  • Two Charting libraries
  • Plenty of integrated plugins
  • Over 80 Page styles 

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Built with the Bootstrap framework, Adminify comes with four different types of dashboards.

  • Dark and light versions
  • Use Charts and Graphs to visualize and represent data
  • Quill and WYSIWYG Editors
  • Material and Themify icons
  • Signup and Login pages

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Air UI

Air UI is a modern and feature-packed admin template that comes with a huge collection of elements and components. 

  • Over 100 Pages
  • More than 22 Applications
  • Plenty of useful widgets
  • PSD files included
  • 4 Icon packs 

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Vuse is another powerful Vue JS Material admin template suitable for building different types of web applications. 

  • Well-designed Page layouts
  • 4 Elegant color schemes
  • Pre-built apps
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Compatible with most modern web applications 

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