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20+ Responsive Free Admin Templates 2022

Creating a powerful admin panel, CMS, or any other web application is a fairly simple task these days. This is because there are plenty of admin templates that make the process of web app development a lot simpler. Some of the admin templates are available for free while the ones with more features and components come with a price tag.

If you are a beginner who is designing a website for the first time, it is best to choose a free admin template. Even though they are available for free, these templates contain all components and elements that are essential to building powerful web apps.

Admin Template Free Download


Purple is a free admin template that is built with the Bootstrap framework. The template has a modern and elegant design along with a beautiful color scheme.

  • Multiple UI elements, forms, and icons
  • Charts and Tables for data representation
  • 5 Sample Page layouts
  • Excellent documentation
  • Beautiful color tone

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Star Admin

The free multipurpose admin template, Star Admin is an ideal choice to build different types of powerful web applications.

  • Vue, jQuery, and Angular versions
  • Several icons, form elements, and UI elements
  • Multiple User Pages
  • Over 5 Tables
  • Clean and simple code

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Corona corona free admin templates

Corona is a dark themed admin dashboard template that is designed to look unique, simple, and beautiful. It gives users access to everything that they will need to build websites and powerful web applications. 

  • Multiple charts and tables
  • Well-designed pages
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Easy to use and customize
  • Based on Bootstrap 4

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plus admin free

Plus is a carefully crafted and elegantly designed admin dashboard template that is rich when it comes to features and components. Plus also has a clean and well-commented code along with an in-depth documentation. 

  • Built with the latest version of Bootstrap framework
  • Multiple pages
  • Charts for data visualization
  • Can be customized easily
  • Neat and clean design 
  • Clean and simple code

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Connect Plus

connect plus free dashbaord

Connect Plus admin template serve as an excellent starting point when working on complex and sophisticated websites and web applications. The template also features a neat and beautiful design that users will love.

  • Clean and simple code
  • Well-designed pages
  • Forms, Icons, Tables, and more
  • Plenty of UI elements
  • A well-designed dashboard 
  • Clean and simple code

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Built with the Bootstrap framework, Breeze admin template is an ideal options for developing powerful and impressive web applications. 

  • A powerful and well-designed dashboard
  • Charts and Tables
  • Forms, UI elements, Icons, and more
  • Clean and easy to comprehend code
  • Detailed documentation 
  • Clean and simple code

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spica free templates

The free and easy to use admin dashboard template, Spica can be used to build CRM, CMS, admin panels, application backends, and several other web apps.

  • Five User pages
  • Multiple Login and Register pages
  • Charts for data representation
  • Multiple UI elements
  • Tables, icons, form elements, and several other components 

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Material Dashboard

The Material admin template comes with a simple, neat, and modern design. It also has plenty of useful components and tools at its disposal.

  • Google Material Design
  • A well-designed dashboard
  • Forms, charts and tables
  • Multiple Sample Page styles
  • Compatible with most modern web browsers

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Stellar Dashboard

Even though, Stellar is a free Bootstrap admin template, it is packed with a wide range of handy features and powerful components.

  • Well-designed Page layouts
  • Five unique Sidebar layouts
  • Plenty of widgets, pop-ups, Notifications, and icons
  • Multiple charts and tables
  • User, General, Ecommerce, and Error Pages

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Marshmallow is a landing page Bootstrap template that can be used to build engaging and beautiful landing pages for websites and web apps.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Easy to customize and use
  • Beautiful color scheme
  • Home, Services, Plans, About, and more
  • Clean and well-commented code

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Majestic is a carefully crafted Bootstrap admin template with a neat and well-designed dashboard.

  • Excellent documentation
  • Separate Pages for Lockscreen, Register, and Login
  • Multiple form elements, icons, and UI elements
  • Different charts and tables
  • Super flexible and easy to use

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The Royal admin template has a modern, simple, and elegant design along with a beautiful color tone.

  • A well-designed dashboard with several components
  • 5 Unique Sample Pages
  • Tables, Charts, Icons, and more
  • Multiple form and UI elements
  • Clean and well-commented code

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Kapella is a beautiful admin template designed with the latest version of Bootstrap. The template has an extensive collection of useful components.

  • Huge collection of icons
  • Form elements, UI elements, and more
  • Different charts and tables to organize and represent data
  • Register, Login, and Lockscreen Page layouts
  • Detailed documentation

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The multi-purpose, fully responsive, and modern free admin template, Regal has a clean and simple design that most users will love.

  • Simple design and user-friendly interface
  • Multiple tables and charts
  • Icons, Form elements, UI elements, and more
  • 5 Unique User Page layouts
  • Detailed documentation

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Designed based on Bootstrap 4, the amazing and neatly designed CoreUI admin template is an ideal choice for different web development projects.

  • A simple but efficient dashboard
  • Colors, Typography, Forms, Editors, and more
  • Two Error Pages
  • 4 Well-designed page layouts
  • Email and Invoicing

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The AdminLTE template built with the Bootstrap framework offers users access to a wide range of reusable and responsive components.

  • Two Dashboard layouts
  • Multiple tables, forms, charts, and widgets
  • Several layout options
  • Calendar, Mailbox, and more
  • Modals, Sliders, Buttons, and more UI elements


Material Dashboard

Material Dashboard

The design of the free admin template, Material dashboard is based on the Material Design of Google.

  • 60 Handcrafted elements
  • Multiple number of plugins
  • 3 Well-designed Example Pages
  • Bootstrap 4
  • Super flexible

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Paper Dashboard

The Paper Dashboard template is equipped with features and which will help you develop powerful web applications.

  • Multiple customized plugins
  • Four Example Pages
  • More than 15 UI elements
  • Table list, Notifications, Maps, and more
  • Striking color scheme

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The template has four well-designed Example Pages, 4 customized plugins, and 16 UI elements. In addition, it has maps, icons, table list, notifications, and more.

Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite

Elegant Admin Template

The carefully crafted premium admin template, Elegant Bootstrap Admin Lite is packed with several features and other useful components. The template has a clean design and user-friendly interface.

  • Six well-designed page layouts
  • 10 UI components
  • 10 Integrated plugins
  • Free lifetime updates
  • 100+ Font Icons

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Nice Bootstrap Admin Lite

Nice admin Template

The Nice Bootstrap admin lite has a beautiful design and striking color scheme. It can also be used for different web development projects.

  • Seven Page layouts
  • Ten plugins
  • Plenty of UI components
  • Multiple charts and forms
  • Huge collection of icons

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Flash Able

Flash Able

The stylish Bootstrap admin template, Flash Able offers a fine collection of UI components and elegant page styles. It also has a clean, simple, and well-structured code.

  • 16 Well-designed Page styles
  • Over 50 charts
  • More than 150 widgets
  • Real-time page customizer
  • Multiple number of plugins

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Empire is a well-designed Bootstrap admin template that will make the process of web app development and customization a lot simpler. In fact, this template will even help you add a unique or personal touch to your web application.

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Over 16 unique Page layouts
  • A powerful page customizer
  • More than 15 widgets
  • Popular plugins

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