10+ Good looking Angular Admin Templates That Can Leave a Lasting Impact

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10+ Good looking Angular Admin Templates That Can Leave a Lasting Impact

One of the trending and widely used JavaScript frameworks available in the market is AngularJS. Most front-end developers will be familiar with AngularJS. As a result, they will be easily able to create stunning web apps without any hassles. That said, building a new web app right from scratch by using AngularJS can be quite difficult. Fortunately, you can find an excellent collection of responsive Angular admin templates. Most of these angular admin templates are packed with features and they can help you build stunning web applications. Angular admin templates that you should give a try in 2019 are listed below. 

Star Admin

angular admin templates Two neatly designed dashboards are included with the Star Admin Bootstrap templates. It also comes with plenty of basic and advanced UI elements.

  • Multiple charts for data representation
  • To-do-list and E-mail
  • Tables, Alerts, and Form Elements
  • Striking color scheme
  • Separate Error, User, and E-commerce pages

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justdo angular Designed based on the Angular 7 framework, JustDo has a dark-colored menu layout and attractive design.

  • Dark and light themed versions
  • Responsive design
  • Over 1000 icons
  • Vertical and horizontal layouts
  • Fine collection of UI elements

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Plus Angular plus admin angular

Plus Angular Admin template features a beautiful and well-designed template with plenty of neatly organized components. The template serves as a great starting point for custom web development projects. 

  • 3 Charts for Data representation and visualization
  • Buttons, Badges, Modals, Tabs, and more UI elements
  • Icons, Maps, Editors, and more
  • Separate Error, User, General, and E-commerce pages
  • Light and Dark versions 

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purple angular Purple Angular admin templates have a well-designed and beautiful dashboard that comes with plenty of components and tools.

  • Multiple tables and charts
  • Plenty of basic and advanced UI elements
  • Popups, icons, Maps, and more
  • Clean code and detailed documentation
  • Three dedicated E-commerce pages

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radiant angular

 Built with Angular and Bootstrap framework, Radiant gives users access to a wide variety of data representation options, tools, and more.

  • RTL, Boxed, and Horizontal menu layouts
  • Multiple numbers of applications
  • Several basic, advanced, and form elements
  • Tables, Charts, and Editors
  • Well-designed E-commerce, General, Error, and User pages

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pearlui angular

 The numerous customization options offered by PearlUI admin template help you bring a personal touch to your web application.

  • Five Sidebar Layouts
  • Multiple Page layouts
  • Separate Register, Login, and Authentication pages
  • To-do, Gallery, Calendar, and E-mail
  • Flag, Font Awesome, Simple Line, and Themify icons

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Material Dashboard Pro Angular

material dashbaord pro

 The feature-rich Angular admin template, Material Dashboard Pro Angular can be used for a wide range of web app development projects.

  • Multiple dashboards
  • 6 Color schemes
  • Over 200 Page layouts
  • 2000+ Font icons
  • Six unique demo layouts 

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Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro Angular

light dashboard

 The Light Bootstrap Dashboard Pro Angular template has a simple and beautiful design that most users will love.

  • More than 100 elements
  • 15 customized plugins
  • Based on Bootstrap
  • Excellent documentation
  • 4 Unique Example pages

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Datta Able

dattable angular Built with the Bootstrap 4 framework, Datta Able template comes with a powerful lice customizer.

  • More than 20 page layouts
  • Responsive design
  • Beautiful color styles
  • Clean and well-commented code
  • Video tutorials

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AdminPro Angular 7 Dashboard Template

admin pro angular
The AdminPro Angular 7 Dashboard Template is built by using the Angular framework. This excellent dashboard template can be used to design control admin panels and admin panels. The AdminPro Angular 7 Dashboard Template is compatible with most modern internet browsers that includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, and more.

More than three different types of dashboards are included within the AdminPro Angular 7 Dashboard Template. Designers will also be able to 30-plus Angular components and over 250 pages. The AdminPro Angular 7 Dashboard Template can also be customized easily as per your requirements.

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The incredible flexible and easy to use Bind Bootstrap admin template can be easily customized as per project requirements.

  • Fully responsive
  • Font Awesome and simple line icons
  • Powerful slider
  • Multiple tables and widgets
  • Timeline, Invoice, FAQ, About Us, 404, 500, and more pages 

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Material Design Admin

Designed based on the Material Design framework of Google, Material Design Admin has a clean and well-commented code.

  • Fully responsive
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Unique layouts
  • Gulp Automation
  • Simple design and user-friendly interface 

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egret angular templates Designed with the Angular 8 framework, Egret comes with a fine collection of reusable and responsive components.

  • Multiple layouts
  • Bar, Bubble, Pie, Line, and more charts
  • Several material components
  • Chat, inbox, calendar, and more apps
  • Utilities, Sessions, Tables, and more 

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gradus angular Gradus is another powerful Angular 8 admin template that has a simple, modern, and eye-catchy design.

  • Lazy loading and Nested Routing
  • Angular Drag & Drop and Perfect Scrollbar
  • Multiple number of Maps
  • A well-designed landing page
  • Fully responsive

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xtream angular templates

The elegant and neatly designed Xtreme Angular admin template comes with ten beautiful demo layout options.

  • More than 850 page layouts
  • Over 50 Angular components
  • Dark and light colored schemes
  • Plenty of widgets
  • 10 Dashboards 

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MaterialPro Angular 7


MaterialPro Angular 7 Admin Template can be used to build admin panels, dashboards, and more. It is designed based on the Angular material framework.

  • Two well-designed dashboards
  • Six types of demo layouts
  • 6 elegant color skins
  • More than 200 elegant page layouts
  • Over 2000 font icons and more than 40 Angular components



annular angular templates


The creative Angular admin template, Annular is designed based on Angular-CLI and Angular 8. It is an easy to use and customizable template.

  • Multiple maps
  • Nested routing and lazy loading
  • Multiple number of UI features
  • More than five well-designed pages
  • Over 5 charts for data representation


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