Free and Affordable Online Courses To Learn Web Development

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Free and Affordable Online Courses To Learn Web Development

With Covid-19 confining us to our home, now is an excellent time to upskill yourself, learn new technologies and explore interesting technologies. It will keep you future-ready and keep your skillsets from being obsolete. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to learn a new language, expand your interest, or earn a digital qualification, you can do it through an online course.

Besides, working from home means flexible schedules, home-cooked lunch, and no need to commute; giving you more time to learn new skills. So, this might be a good time for you to polish your skills and take up a new online course. Here we have listed some of the best free online courses on web development created by some of the most coveted universities and organizations in the world. 

For Beginners

Deciding to learn a new language on your own can seem daunting and challenging especially for beginners. That is why these courses are the best places to start your learning journey. 

CS50’s Introduction to Computer Science (edX)

Harvard University’s Introduction to Computer Science is a must-watch, whether you’re a newbie just starting out or an IT veteran. The free online course covers a wide range of topics including data structures, encapsulation, resource management,  web development, and software engineering.

How to Create a Website In a Weekend (Coursera)

This hands-on course will help you get down and dirty, teaching you how to design and publish a website with hyperlinks, plug-ins, images, sound, text, and more. The course comes with step by step instructions, tips, and tools to help beginners easily set up a website. 

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript For Web Developers (Coursera)

Most users expect an engaging and fine user experience when visiting a website. If you fail to do that, they will most likely decide not to revisit your website. Here is a free course that will introduce you to basic tools a web page code should know. The course will teach you how to design a webpage that looks great across both mobile and desktop devices.

Introduction to CSS3  (Coursera)

Here is a free course to help you learn more about the basics of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) which is used for styling a webpage and making it look beautiful. The course will teach you how to test codes and how to write CSS codes.

CS50’s Web Programming With Python & JavaScript (edX)

Learn how to write and use API’s, leverage cloud services, and create interactive UIs by testing yourself through hands-on projects. The course also teaches you how to implement web apps with SQL, JavaScript, and Python using Bootstrap, Django, and Flask.

Web Development and Design Using WordPress(Kadenze)

Here you will be introduced to the basic concepts of web designing and web development. You can learn how to leverage the power of content management systems like WordPress to develop, maintain, and manage websites. The course will also give insight on how to customize websites with HTML, PHP, and CSS.

Version Control With Git (Coursera)

Gain a strong conceptual understanding of the Git Version Control system through this online course. The course is applicable to developers who have experience with using a command-line interface and to the ones who lack such experience

Web Design Strategy And Information Architecture (Coursera)

The primary focus of this course is to help you to easily and quickly build responsive and contemporary websites. You will learn how to develop a strategic and comprehensive plan to design a complex website through this course.

Computational Thinking For Problem Solving (Coursera)

You will most likely encounter a number of problems when working on web design and web development projects. In such an instance, having a clear knowledge of how to approach the issue and resolve it perfectly will come handy. This course can teach you how to develop that unique skill. 

Introduction To Web Accessibility (edX)

This course is specifically designed for designers, developers, content authors, project managers, and more. You will learn about the international standards of web accessibility that includes Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and WAI- ARIA for Accessible Rich Web Applications.

Web Security Fundamentals (edX)

Learn more about the important principles of modern web security, gain insight into common threats and attacks, and how to prevent the chance of such attacks. You will also be introduced to the best practices for secure web apps through this course. 

Web Design: Wireframes to Prototypes (Coursera)

The primary focus of this online course is on the application of early UX research to actual UI. The course will also cover topics that include Web typography, mobile-first approach, mobile web challenges, responsive web design, and more. 


Intermediate Online Courses 

Laravel Daily’s Courses (Laravel Daily)

For Developers who wish to learn more about the Laravel PHP framework, here are seven courses by Povilas Korop, founder of Daily Laravel. Povilas teaches you how to create invoices with Laravel, structure a Laravel project, use Laravel Eloquent more efficiently, and a lot more through these courses. With courses starting from just $19, each course is worth its value and more! To motivate people to learn and make the best of their free time, Povilas has made his course completely!! You can find out more info in his tweet here.

Missing Semester  (Missing Semester)

Most developers have a clear knowledge and good understanding of computer programming. However, they are not that proficient when it comes to how to use essential tools. This online course will help you gain knowledge on how to use a text editor, command line interface, and other tools. 

Algorithms, Part 1  (Coursera)

Here is a free online course that covers important information about data structures and algorithms that every programmer should know. Topics covered in this course include elementary data structures and searching algorithms.

Design of Computer Programs  (Udacity)

This course details the core concepts, patterns, and methods behind design of Computer programs, enhancing your coding skills and getting you one step closer to becoming a programming guru. 

Responsive Web Design (Coursera)

It is crucial to ensure that your web page designs adapt perfectly to devices of different screen sizes. This handy course helps you to learn how to design such webpages. You will also learn to use Bootstrap components and JavaScript data structures through the course.   

Advanced Styling With Responsive Design (Coursera)

As more and more users are accessing the web through smartphones, it has become integral to make your website look good and function perfectly across different devices. In this course, users will learn about fluid design, wireframes, and how to design a website that performs well across different platforms. 

Full Stack Foundations  (Udacity)

The fundamentals of back-end web development is discussed in this online course. It will help you to develop a web application with which users will be easily able to update, delete, read, and create data. The best practises for developing a data-driven web application is explained in this course. 

Computer Networking (Udacity)

In this online course, users will be able to learn everything about Computer Networking. Advanced topics that are related to Computer Networking such as Content Distribution, Data Center Networking, and Software-Defined Networking (SDN) are discussed here.

Software Development Process(Udacity)

Here is an online course that will teach you on how to identify and implement the best software project ideal for a web development project. You will learn to set up an IDE, use Unified Modeling Language, and more through this course. 

Database Management Essentials(Coursera)

Are you looking to start a career in database warehousing or database development? Here’s an interesting online course that will give you a clear idea on Database Management Essentials. At the end of this course, you will be able to write SQL statements, create relational databases, and a lot more. 

Website Performance Optimization(Udacity)

It is integral to learn how desktop and mobile web browsers renders web pages to get a clear idea on how to perfectly optimize websites for speed. This online course takes you through the steps browsers must go through to convert JavaScript, CSS, and HTML into actual websites.

Web Application Development Basic Concepts(Coursera)

This course offers the basic knowledge that a developer should have to build a modern full stack web application. You will also be introduced to different topics that includes web application frameworks, data management, Middleware, and user interface. 

Networking For Web Developers(Udacity)

Many are not familiar with the networking protocols which underlies the web technologies that we use. Here we get to learn about IP addressing, TCP/IP Stack, DNS, and a lot more.

Building Web Applications in PHP(Coursera)

The basics of HYperText MarkUp Language and Cascading Style Sheets are both covered in this online course. You will also learn how to install MAMP, write a PHP program, and install a text editor through the course. 

Designing RESTful APIs(Udacity)

Full-stack and back-end developers must contain the skill to make applications that can be easily understood by other developers and the ones that are easily accessible. You will be able to create such a web application by the end of this online course.

Offline Web Applications(Udacity)

The primary focus of this online course is to give developers a clear idea on how to build web apps that perform their best at all situations. Building a web application that works both online and offline is a skill every developer should master. 

Intro to Progressive Web Apps(Udacity)

This online course helps you to learn more about progressive web applications and how you can build one. You will learn how you can use Service Workers to make your web application work perfectly offline.

AngularJS Framework Fundamentals(edX)

Do you wish to build web pages by using the AngularJS framework? Here is a free online course on AngularJS framework, which will help you understand how the framework works. The basics of AngularJS’s module definition is also discussed in this course.

Web App Development With The Power of Node.js(edX)

Here is a free online course that will give you a clear introduction on how to write JavaScript code and how to start working with Node.js. You also get to have a detailed insight on data visualization through this course.

Front-End Web Development With React (Coursera)

This online course focuses on front-end application development based on JavaScript. The course also offers you an introduction on using Reactstrap for Bootstrap 4-based responsive UI design. By the end of this course, you will be able to implement single page apps in React.


Advanced Online Courses

DevOps Practises and Principles(edX)

The fundamental concepts of DevOps are discussed in this online course. You will be able to learn about Sustainable DevOps, compliance and security in DevOps, and more. In addition, automatic testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and more related topics are discussed here. 

Information Security : Context and Introduction(Coursera)

This course offers a brief introduction on security management, computer security, and cryptography. You will be able to learn about the key aspects in the field of computer and network security including threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, and more. 

Infrastructure as Code(edX)

Here is an advanced online course on web development that will cover a wide range of topics like Azure Automation, DevTest labs, ARM templates, and Desired State Configuration (DSC). In addition, you can also learn about Puppet and chef deployments in Azure through the course. 


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