Everything you need to know about Angular 7 Framework

Everything you need to know about Angular 7 Framework

The Angular JavaScript framework is the most popular choice of developers when creating user interfaces for web and mobile applications. In fact, approximately 93,000 websites are relying on the Angular framework. This is why the developers of the Angular dashboard regularly release an updated version of the framework with new features and other improvements.. Just a few months ago, a new version of the Angular framework was made available to customers.

The latest update of the Angular framework, Angular 7 comes with a wide variety of features and improvements. The newly added features in the Angular 7 framework will help you to easily and quickly build web apps. Here is everything you should know about the Angular 7 framework if you are planning to use it for your next work.

IVY Project

The latest update of the Angular framework has put great focus on the IVY project. In fact, the Angular 7 framework was specifically built for this innovative project. The IVY project is actually an initiative that is aimed to modify and write the Angular compiler.

In addition, the project also plans to update and modify the runtime code of the framework. This will considerably improve the speed and performance of the Angular 7 framework and make it even more portable.

Command Line Interface Prompts

The CLI or Command Line Interface in the Angular framework has been upgraded to v7.0.2 in the latest update. Developers who are using the latest version of the Angular 7 framework will receive prompts when they input ng-add, ng-new, and other commands. 

As a result, developers will be able to make full use of the newly added features and the framework itself. Moreover, a modern and innovative SCC syntax that has SASS support has also been built into the Angular 7 framework.

Drag and Drop

Another handy feature that is included within the Agular 7 framework is the drag and drop module. The user-friendly drag and drop module is highly effective and easy to use. If you are looking to create drag and drop interfaces, then this feature will enable you to do so without any hassles.

Developers will be able to customize the drag handles and even preview the changes before making a final decision. The drag and drop module of the Angular 7 framework also supports animations and tailored drag handles. In addition, you could even transfer or move items between lists if necessary.

Enhanced App Performance

In a recent statement, Google stated that several website developers use reflect-metadata in the production stage of a web app. It is required only during the development phase. So, Google come with a creative solution to overcome this issue.

The solution was to empower the Angular 7 framework in such a way that it is capable of eliminating the reflect-metadata from the polyfills.ts file. However, you could later add it back when you are creating a web app in the JIT mode.

Material Design

The Material design for the Angular 7 framework has also been upgraded by developers to a superior version. An advanced development tool is also available with the framework that will help you to easily start and quickly finish your projects.

You can also check out material design admin template here. 

The CDK or the component development kit of the recently released Angular framework contains several excellent features. For instance, the development kit comes with a dynamic data list and also has a refresh option. Unloading and loading of parts is also possible due to the component development kit.

Angular Compatibility Compiler

In some cases, you will surely want to transform the ngcc developed node modules into a compatible format. This is where the Angular Compatibility Compiler of the framework comes into play.

This excellent feature allows you to easily convert the node modules to ngtsc format from the ngc format. The packages that have been compiled or converted to the new format will be used by the Ivy rendering engine. The improved error handling way of the framework will also come in handy if the property is not properly initialized.

Virtual Scrolling

Another highlight of the Angular 7 framework is the scrolling module. The scrolling mode is a handy tool than can be used for unloading and loading items from the DOM. The scrolling module feature is a bless for developers who are working on projects with large scrollable lists.

The virtual scrolling feature works in such a way that it matches the container element height with the remaining non-rendered elements. This will in turn ensure a fine user experience, which will impress your site visitors.


The advanced features in the Angular 7 framework like drag and drop module and virtual scrolling make it a better framework than its predecessors. These innovative features also make the process of web app development a lot simpler and faster. So, it is best to give the Angular 7 framework a try when working on complex web design and development project.

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