Guide to Healthcare Dashboards + Free Templates

Guide to Healthcare Dashboards + Free Templates

Nobody can overstate the importance of a healthcare dashboard in the medical field. This is an industry that deals with a large amount of data. Hospitals and clinics all over the world are always looking at managing this huge amount of data to maximize operational efficiency, which ultimately results in better healthcare. If you’re looking to get yourself a medical dashboard and a few examples of healthcare dashboards, you’ve come to the right place. This article will serve as a guide to healthcare dashboards, along with some free admin dashboard templates that you can check out. Keep reading for more!

What is a healthcare dashboard?

A healthcare dashboard is one of the most important tools used by healthcare professionals. It is an analytical tool that is used to monitor KPIs in a healthcare organization. Hospitals have to manage large amounts of data, and a dashboard helps tremendously in this aspect. Healthcare dashboards provide medical professionals with the information they need, be it in terms of customer information, their medical history, or even analytical data that needs to be monitored to ensure smooth workflow. It is an essential tool that plays a major role in improving operational efficiency in healthcare.

Advantages of a healthcare dashboard

There are some benefits of using a good healthcare dashboard. These dashboards help healthcare professionals to easily access important patient information in real-time. This ultimately improves the efficiency of the hospital workflow, improving the overall performance and also patient satisfaction. Accessing large amounts of data is always a hassle, but a good medical dashboard can solve this problem. With dashboards, the primary purpose is to make it easier to access the data you need. In this regard, dashboards also help speed up workflow, which ultimately results in faster and better healthcare facilities for everyone.

Why do you need a healthcare dashboard?

Healthcare professionals work with a ton of data, and it’s a hassle to work with them. Most hospitals have multiple departments, with hundreds of daily patients, many of who are regulars. Healthcare professionals have to deal with all their data and make sure that each department has access to the same information. The result is every hospital’s nightmare, a ton of data, and no easy way to get the information that you need. 

Many countries still have small hospitals in rural areas that store information in physical documents. Just imagine how much more efficient they would be with a computerized system, with a really powerful healthcare dashboard. This is exactly what these dashboards do. They help your healthcare organization to run smoothly.

A healthcare dashboard helps to consistently monitor hospital performance, gauge patient satisfaction levels, and help create insights to improve the quality of patient care.

To summarise, a great healthcare dashboard = better patient care.

With a good healthcare dashboard, there are fewer chances of you missing an important update or an important piece of information. This improves overall performance and ensures smoother workflow among all different departments of the hospital.

Types of healthcare dashboards

Healthcare Analytics dashboards

Hospitals that manage a lot of data will definitely find an analytics dashboard useful. This dashboard can be vital in analyzing data such as the number of beds available, doctors and nurses on duty, and more. You can even analyze patient visits trends to forecast when the hospital would be busiest. You can use this information to ensure that there is enough manpower where there should be. We could go on with more examples, but you get the idea.

Hospital Performance dashboards

This dashboard can be used to keep track of your hospital’s KPI, to ensure better and efficient management, and to improve the quality of service you offer. A hospital KPI dashboard gives you the big picture of the overall performance of the hospital. You get access to a lot of essential data that you can use to improve overall patient satisfaction. You can also monitor trends related to patients, how much time they spent waiting, and so much more. 

Patient dashboard

This dashboard is perfect for getting patient details, medical history, and information about patients from different departments of the same hospital. A simple dashboard like this can greatly reduce the time it takes to administer treatment to a patient, which results in overall customer satisfaction. One of the hardest things a patient has to do is to repeat the same thing to multiple doctors. But with a patient dashboard, each healthcare professional has access to patient details that they have shared (with consent of course!) with the hospital.

Free Healthcare dashboard Templates examples

Here are some examples of healthcare dashboards that are completely free to download. You can use these templates as examples for research material to build your own dashboard. Or you can simply download them for free and customize them as per your needs. 

Plus Admin

Plus Admin Healthcare dashboard example layout

Plus Admin is a free dashboard template from BootstrapDash that you can use in your project right away. It comes with a dedicated healthcare dashboard layout that you can customize, but it’s only available in the premium version of the template. However, the free version is more than enough if you know what you’re doing. Since it comes with an MIT License, feel free to download it and use it on any project you need. If you like the code, and we’re sure you will, consider upgrading to the premium version to get the medical dashboard layout which you can then customize as per your need. 

This template has been created for the sole purpose of reducing development time and costs. We know building dashboards from scratch is a tedious process that involves a lot of development time. The most effective way to get yourself a dashboard is to get Plus Admin. 

Free Version

RedStar Hospital 

redstart medical dashboard for bootstrap 5

RedStar is a great medical dashboard template that has a more conventional vertical navbar feature. While it may have fewer layout options than Plus Admin, it is still a great dashboard. It also comes in dark and light themes, which you play around with to find what suits you best. Sadly, we haven’t found a free version of this template, but according to the reviews, users are pretty satisfied with this template! Check it out using the link below.

Premium Version

So there you have it, a guide to healthcare dashboards, and a free template that you can use to get started right away. When it comes to managing a healthcare facility, dashboards play an essential role. We hope the points mentioned in this article have proved to be healthful.

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