Essential Components of a Landing Page 

Essential Components of a Landing Page 

Landing page is what primarily connects you with your customers. So it is important that you have an appealing Landing page that can leave a lasting impression on customers and collect relevant information from them.

This article will help you learn about the essential components that a good landing page must have. 

What is a Landing Page?

Let’s begin with the basics. To put it simply, a landing page is a way of advertisement but an advanced one. It lets you connect with potential customers in exchange for freebies like ebooks or with event registration. 

There are many types of landing pages that you can create for your website. Most commonly used ones are: Splash Page, ‘Coming Soon’ Page, ‘About Us’ Page, ‘Thank You’ Page, ‘Get Started’ Page etc. 

You don’t have to start from scratch to create an attractive landing page. It is very easy to create a landing page using landing page templates offered by template providers like Bootstrapdash.  

10 Essential Components of a Landing Page

1. Catchy Headline

Headline is what a site visitor notices first. It should be crisp and catchy. An ideal headline would convey the purpose of the page in shortest words. 

You can add subtitles to elaborate a bit about the content of the page. But never go for a long headline fearing the lack of brevity.

2. Visual Demonstration

An attractive picture, video or animation can hold the attention of the website visitors. A picture or video could convey what a long essay could not. 

Make sure that the visual demonstration you are putting up on the landing page does not become a distraction from what you actually need to convey. 

3. Crisp and Short Copy  

Always use to-the-point language that is short, precise and direct. Numberings and bullets could make the message more clear and direct. 

4. Call To Action Buttons (CTA)

Good CTA buttons can catapult the conversion rates. Site visors like CTAs that give off a lively and conversational feeling. Personalised and interactive language connects more with the visitors than a generalised conversation. 

The idea is to connect with the potential on an emotional level and persuade them to click. 

5. Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

You are in a competition and it is important to convince the potential customers that you are offering something unique. 

Your proposition should be described on the landing page in an appealing way. Potential customers should get to know the benefits of your propositions from the landing page. 

6. Solid Testimonials

Reviews of any service or products have a lot to do in deciding how well it is going to fare. Almost every customer checks what others have to say about the product they are going to purchase and that is why you should have solid testimonials on the landing page. 

Showcase the best reviews you have received on the landing page as a social proof. 

7. Know How Your Customers Think

Knowing how your customers think is very important while you set up a landing page. Customers expect an assurance regarding the product they are going to purchase.  

The landing page should give some sort of guarantee to the benefits of the product so that customers feel relief from potential anxieties before purchasing. 

Presenting the product or service in a pleasant and joyous way can have a positive impact on the customers. Understanding the psychology of the website visitors and catering to them accordingly matter a lot. 

8. Option to Communicate

Site visitors should have convenient options to connect with you. Chats, Emails, Contact Number – Keep multiple options so that they can choose what they find comfortable. 

A ‘Contact Us’ landing page should provide links to all social media handles of the business. 

9. Zero Navigation 

Landing page should be free from clutter. Make it as simple as you can. Ideally avoid secondary links and other navigation. The idea is to provide a lot of negative space and get the visitors click on CTA buttons. 

10. Search Engine Optimization 

All your efforts would go in vain if your website doesn’t rank well on Google. Keep the contents in the landing page optimised for search engines. A good SEO-optimised landing page goes a long way in reaching out to more customers. 

An appealing text, right keywords and a persuasive language can make a huge difference. 

Summing Up

As you have seen above, a lot of research goes into building a good landing page. Landing page is not as simple as it may appear to be. Small changes in its layout and content can make a big difference in conversion rates. Make sure that you consider all the above components while creating a landing page for your website. 



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