Submit Your Guest Posts – Write For Us

Submit Your Guest Posts – Write For Us

BootstrapDash creates quality admin templates that are based on Bootstrap, the most popular front end development framework. We are enthusiastic about everything that relates to Bootstrap and what’s happening in the world of Bootstrap.

We at BootstrapDash are passionate about front end development and creating the best user experience and coming up innovative ideas. We value ideas that make a difference. We believe that there is no such thing as a small idea. Each and every one of them has a place in the world and is significant. And ideas can come from anywhere. When people of different background and expertise come together to share their knowledge, we get to know the diversity in all aspects. We learn from it, we contribute to it, we may even disagree, but that is what makes us who we are and help us grow.

So we welcome you to share your ideas and thoughts with us. We prize your contribution that can help all of us learn, or even better, start a conversation that benefits all. If you have an original article or an idea that is related to front end development and design that you think is share-worthy, send it to us. Become a blogger with us. We will be privileged to share your ideas on our website. Get your ideas noticed and give the reach it deserves.

We publish new blogs and every week. It is our practice that we share what we know, and what we have learned being in the field of front end development and also create a platform for others to do so as well.

To get to know about the type of content that we create and publish, feel free to browse through our website and our blogs.

What are we looking for in the content?

The ideas and contents should be new and original. It should be inspiring and thought-provoking. We create contents that are related to Bootstrap but we do not limit ourselves there. Anything related to front end development and design is most welcome and are very much encouraged. And that’s just about it.

What should the content be like?

Before you start writing or sending your contents to us, here are few tips.

The readability of your content determines how much it engages a reader. The use of language, the choice of words and the structure of the content makes it beautiful.

Make sure that the content is well structured, with a proper heading and subheading. The content should be easily readable with good and appropriate use of paragraphs. Bulleted list helps too.

Using images helps a great deal to make the article more effective and to improve user engagement. The user can get a much better understanding of your idea with the use of appropriate images.

Emphasize important words or sentences. Writing words that are important in bold takes more attention to the word or that sentence.

Make your content interesting by breaking the content with relevant quotes or references. But make it a point to give credits.

How Does the Content Get Published?

After we receive your content it goes through a review process. Our team goes through every content and proof checks them for spelling and grammar mistakes. These mistakes will be corrected by our team. The changes will be communicated to you before publishing.

The content of the article is checked for technical accuracy. If our team finds any technical inaccuracy or inconsistency, the article will be sent back to you with proper comments and changes.

In case our team finds any plagiarism in the content, the article will be rejected right away without any notifications.

Any other changes that our team finds necessary will be notified to you and you can resubmit the article with those changes and the article will undergo another review process before getting published.

How do I send my article?

Write an email to, along with

  1. The topic you want to write about
  2. Links of previous work
  3. Your website URL

That’s all. Hope to hear from you soon!

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