Top 10 Order Management software compared and how you can develop one in record time!

Top 10 Order Management software compared and how you can develop one in record time!

An order management system or application serves the crucial purpose of helping business and individuals to track orders, inventory, and sales. A well-designed and efficient order management system should be capable of providing a centralized platform through which businesses can manage orders from different sales channels. 

Businesses often find it really hard to accurately keep track of orders and purchases. This is where order management applications come into the picture. These systems assist businesses to centralize and easily keep track of orders. 

We’ve compiled a curated list of top 10 Order Management Applications and how they fare against their peers. 


Brightpearl is an excellent order management system which businesses can use to manage their inventory, orders, customer data, and more in a single place. The app also offers real-time reporting about the buying behavior of customers. The app can be smoothly integrated with popular ecommerce websites and online marketplaces that includes Shopify, Amazon, and eBay. 


Netsuite is an intelligent, integrated, and simple order management software that automates processes like cash collection, invoicing, order management, and more. This will result in significant savings and help your business to grow. NetSuite ERP serves the crucial purpose of helping businesses by running all their financial and back-office operations under a single unified platform. 

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is another excellent order management system that allows you to easily track, fulfill, and manage orders. The efficient system eliminates the need to perform repetitive and manual tasks that will result in increased productivity. The standout features of Zoho Inventory includes Inventory Management, Inventory Control, Order Fulfillment, Order Transfer Tracking, Sales Reports, and more. 


Businesses can considerably speed up their order processing and fulfilment functions by using the Overhive order management system. Overhive is a single interface and user-friendly software that focuses on helping businesses to save time and boost productivity. The best features of this software include Ecommerce Automation, Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Analytics & Reporting, Returns Management, and more. 


Dolibarr is an easy to use and open-source CRM and ERP software ideal for managing different activities within a business. The software is available on a wide range of platforms and it also comes with auto-installers. This will help users with zero or minimal technical knowledge to install the software. Orders Management, Invoices Management, Contracts Managements, Stock Management, and Contact Management are some noticeable features. 

EZ RentOut

The equipment rental software service, EZRentOut makes it possible for retail businesses to manage all operations related to payments and billing. The software features a user-friendly and simplified interface and offers a wide range of efficient business solutions. The standout features of EZ RentOUt include Revenue Tracking, Payment Tracking, Inventory Management, Customer Management, and Order Tracking. 


The enterprise resource planning software, ERPAG is suitable for both small and mid-sized businesses. The software allows businesses to easily manage processes like delivery, ordering, selling, and receiving. The primary features of ERPAG include inventory management, manufacturing management, sales management, reporting and analytics. The software is compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. 

SAP Business By Design 

SAP Business By Design is an excellent option for mid-sized businesses who are looking to streamline and unify core business operations. It is a comprehensive cloud enterprise resource planning software designed based on the principles of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The main application areas of the software are Financial Management, Human Resource Management, Fund and Grant Management, and more.


ecomdash is an excellent sales tool capable of streamlining crucial business processes that includes managing product inventories, listing products, and fulfilling orders. By streamlining these important business processes, ecomdash makes it possible for businesses to generate more profits and improve the entire productivity. The features of ecomdash are Dropship management, Sales Order management, Inventory management, and Shipping management. 


Unicommerce is a cloud-based inventory management and multichannel order management system. The software makes it easy for businesses when it comes to order processing and inventory management. The notable features of Unicommerce are Order Fulfillment, Order Tracking, Backorder Management, Shipping Management, Catalog Management, and more.

Building an Order Management System 

If you’re looking to build your own custom software for order management, you do not have to start the development process right from scratch. Responsive HTML templates allow you to create the front-end real fast and cost-effectively so you can work on creating the back-end and add functionalities you want. Our own Admin dashboard ‘Purple’,  comes with a custom dashboard for Order Management System. Happy Coding! 


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